Baba Small Batch is always looking for energetic, outgoing, hummus lovers.

Mission Statement:

At Baba Small Batch, we believe that our first responsibility is to the people who enjoy our products. This responsibility starts with growing and sourcing the highest quality ingredients, which are then hand-crafted into the finest quality products.

We strive for outstanding customer service and fully believe that our passion for our products, coupled with our employees’ integrity and outstanding work ethic, are the key ingredients to our success.

We are committed to providing a work environment that is welcoming, friendly and provides opportunities for professional growth and financial well-being.

We take pride in being an outstanding and contributing member to the communities in which we serve.

We respect the environment from the ground up, from the planting of our garbanzo beans to the organic and farm fresh ingredients we purchase, to the production and delivery of our various products. Ultimately, we seek to one day to be fully sustainable in all of our operations with the goal of replenishing the earth and its natural resources to the best of our ability. 


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